DDC Training Professional Ethics HSE

Professional ethics is the most valuable asset for each person and business. It is a fulcrum to help each individual stand firm in a competitive workplace environment and a premise for career advancement. Therefore, work with the highest sense of responsibility and honesty, always uphold professional ethics in all circumstances, you will always be respected by your colleagues and the company.

In May 2020, Dai Dung Company cooperated with the organization board of HSE – Health Safety Environment to organize a class with the topic “HSE professional ethics”.

– Some information about HSE topics:

  • Topic: SAFETY Management Programs
  • Teaching: (MR) DO DUONG TRUC.

– Main content of the topic:

  • Ethics in work and life
  • Safety awarenessLegal documents on occupational safety and hygiene (basic pairing)Safety management in steel structure erection.

– After this course, DDC managers have:

  • Recognize the value of safety in work and life.Take responsibility in performing safety work.Understand the safety management system (Factory and Project).
  • Engineers continually develop their expertise throughout their careers and update their knowledge by participating in the practice, attending courses, reading technical literature, and attending industry seminars. .
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