The DDC Chair Man’s 2021 Lunar New Year Speech

Dear guests and all employees of Dai Dung Group,

  • Welcoming the New Year of the Ox 2021, on behalf of the Board of Directors of Dai Dung Group, DDC, I would like to cordially invite all of you guests including banks and partners, and all employees and families. family good health, prosperity and happiness.
  • Wishing Dai Dung Group to welcome a New Year with all the success, smooth sailing, and great success.

1. Year of the Rat 2020 ends with many changes

We and the whole world have experienced a year of epidemics and natural disasters.

Although DDC has not achieved the target set out at the beginning of the year, the revenue – profit targets, but DDC can be proud of the efforts achieved, overcoming difficult circumstances.
We have focused on comprehensive improvement of the system and achieved positive results in the early stages of the improvement cycle. Although internal disagreements and disagreements cannot be avoided, affecting some individuals. core. Most people make efforts to dedicate their efforts, time and wisdom for the common development of the whole Group.
On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company, I would like to sincerely thank and acknowledge the merits of you and the consultants.

2. DDC with what has been achieved

Dear guests and staff, in the past year, Dai Dung has achieved the following targets:

  • Revenue increased by 5% compared to 2019, reaching 71% of the plan target;
  • Salary fund increased by 11.6%;
  • In a difficult situation, but still maintaining the 13th month bonus, taking care of Tet for all employees.

3. DDC’s targets in 2021

The New Year of the Ox opens with many new opportunities and challenges. The Board of Directors of Dai Dung Group together with the staffs are determined to:

  • Accomplish the sales target in 2021 at 100%;
  • Meet 80% or more for the capacity of 4 factory clusters;
  • Sales of 7,000 billion – revenue of 5,000 billion, Profit 4 – 5% / Revenue;
  • Good cost control, each member controls his own expenses in each activity;
  • Focus on administration – improve system management capacity;
  • Improve internal processes – Stick to professional concentration;
  • Technical improvement, maintaining the leading position in the field of steel structure design, processing and erection in Vietnam;
  • Maintain specialized certifications such as AISC, H-GRADE, ASME,…
  • Restructuring and perfecting a strong team of employees, accepting opportunities and overcoming challenges;
  • Reviewing regimes and policies to take care of employees’ lives to maintain and attract talents;
  • Focusing on comprehensive skills training for employees of the whole Group;

Implement phase 2 of the Improvement Board on:

  • Implement production in compliance with 5 5S criteria, lean and quality – progress – synchronization – production cost;
  • Completing Bravo, Primavera, SPM software and KPMG’s management reporting suite;
  • Improve the process of supply chain management, purchasing – warehousing – import – export – logistics
  • Concentrating a number of investment projects to ensure the Group’s sustainable development.

4. DDC wishes you a successful spring 2021

In the bustling and joyful atmosphere of the opening day, we welcome the signing of the first contract – the beginning of many successes of the New Year with 4 contracts to supply and build factories of domestic partners. and export, total value 200 billion.
A big round of applause to congratulate all employees and wish the project teams a successful year!
Sincerely thank the trust and attachment of customers’ partners; Thank you for the determination, effort and commitment of the staff of Dai Dung Group for accompanying, engaging in creating quality products, committing to the right quality and synchronization.

Once again HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you and your family and WELCOME WIN in the New Year!

Resources by MKT DDC