DaiDung Corporation is Proud to be a Member of AISC

American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) standards enable quality certification, standardization and market development, and apply to specification writing, structural research, design development, and design development. and standards for performance.

1. What is AISC – American Construction Steel Association?

The AISC standards allow:

  • Ensure structural integrity
  • Focus on improvement
  • Stay competitive globally

With nearly 95 years of service to the construction industry, AISC has established the quality standards of steel construction that U.S. steel building companies have adhered to over the years.

2. What is the AISC High Quality Paint and Steel Structural Standard?

To be certified, a structural steel manufacturer must undergo a rigorous program of audits and assessments by independent AISC controllers; and must be re-evaluated annually. The AISC audit scope covers all structural steel fabrication and manufacturing processes, from contract acceptance to final delivery.
Dai Dung Group must strictly comply with the quality assessment standards established by AISC, these standards are applied to many international contractors for the quality of steel structure erection (BF -building fabricator) and Certification receive high-quality paint (SPE-Sophisticated paint endorsement) to minimize concerns about project quality and optimize costs for customers and partners.
The American Institute of Steel Construction has updated its High Quality Paint Certification program, helping investors and engineering professionals select structural steel fabricators capable of meeting project quality needs. especially for complex coating systems, such as zinc, epoxides, urethanes…

3. Why choose DaiDung Group?

Dai Dung has full capabilities to carry out large public works, heavy-duty manufacturing plants, gas power plants, wind power plants, stadiums, oil refineries…

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