DDC Q.HSE Policy


Q: Quality

H: Health

S: Safety

E: Environment

Dai Dung Group is a leading steel structure engineering solution company in Vietnam.

  • In the unstable, complicated and high-risk construction conditions of the construction industry, we are always committed to quality, health, safety and environment.
  • QHSE is guaranteed information on everything we do, at all times and on all the projects we undertake.
  • The specific social, cultural and geographical conditions of Vietnam are also factors to be considered in the implementation of the occupational health and safety policy and the environment.

At Dai Dung Group:

  • We always create products with clean ingredients and do not cause harm to the environment.
  • Key principles, vision and commitment to quality, health, safety and environment are all in line with the QHSE policyDDC guides the organization and implementation in accordance with HSE regulations.
  • Q.HSE is DDC’s guideline in building the group’s QUALITY value.

“Leadership, responsibility for occupational safety is the key to safety, health, environment and quality. At Dai Dung, we establish clear boundaries of responsibility and leadership at all levels. levels of the HSE.” – Chairman Trinh Tien Dung.

We also appoint qualified QHSE specialists who provide guidance, advice and technical support to affiliated organizations. In addition, our QHSE organization ensures continuous improvement and monitors the QHSE performance of DDC’s operations globally.

QHSE activities of Dai Dung:

  • QHSE in process plant design
  • QHSE at the production site
  • QHSE at construction site

Dai Dung is absolutely committed to:

  • Using tried and tested processes and procedures, state of the art technology,
  • Clear accountability and accountability along with strong internal & third-party audit practices
  • Guaranteed to meet the most stringent QHSE standards.
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