DDC Organizes Testing of Covid-19 for all Employees

The Covid-19 epidemic is still complicated, the number of infected people and deaths globally is increasing. To proactively prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, recently, the Ministry of Health issued a 5K message: “Masks – Disinfection – Distance – Distractions – Medical declaration”, calling on everyone to do the same. safe coexistence with disease.

1. Dai Dung Steel Structure Company organizes COVID test for all employees

  • Dai Dung Steel Structure Company (DDC) in Bach Dang and factories organized a COVID test campaign for all employees of Dai Dung Steel Structure Company.
  • All direct and indirect employees are sampled for COVID-19 testing at the DDC factory and office.From June 8-15, 2021, all employees of Dai Dung Steel Structure Company were sampled for testing.
  • At the head office and factory clusters of Dai Dung, the parts that are at risk of infection have been selected to take samples for testing for COVID-19.
  • In more than a week of sampling, DDC has taken more than 800 samples from factories, for COVID-19 testing.

2. DDC continues to apply basic epidemic prevention measures such as:

  • mandatory disinfection before entering factories and offices;
  • check body temperature and disinfect hands quickly;

DDC hopes everyone will work well together to contribute and join hands in the fight against the epidemic.

Resources by MKT DDC