DDC Sponsored the Oxy Station for the Hospital 115 in Covid-19

1. Promoting the tradition of “good leaves cover torn leaves” during the Covid-19 epidemic season

Over the past time, every day, every hour on the roads, streets or in the center of Saigon, there have always been many beautiful gestures. Those are acts of helping and sharing full of love to people in need during the pandemic. The Vietnamese community together spread the spirit of mutual love and affection in society.

  •  Love rice dishes
  • The ATMs of oxygen and rice crossed the land to save hunger
  • Free bread cabinets for the poor through meals.

To take care of the material and spiritual needs of people in difficult circumstances. Especially residents in the blockade area and the frontline workers in epidemic prevention and control. That helps people feel secure to overcome difficulties during the epidemic season.

2. DaiDung Corporation provides 20,000 liters of oxygen to 115 Hospital

Recently, DDC has supported activities:

  • The system of oxygen supply stations for hospital 115 provides 20,000 liters of oxygen.
  • Corrugated iron roof for the isolation treatment area for COVID patients at hospital 115.

For many years, DDC has performed charity work. Notably, activities to support the construction of field hospitals:

  • Binh Chanh Hospital;
  • District 7 Hospital;
  • Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital;
  • Hospital 115;

As part of the Group’s chain of activities, we always strive to help people in needy areas. This is the commitment to share responsibility with society that DDC business is making.

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