5S Bach Dang Office S3 Milestone: Tidily Arranged, Clearly Displayed

In the last days of November, Bach Dang office block accelerated to reach the S3 milestone with many victories. S3 week was exciting when the collective rooms and floors together quickly screened, neatly arranged, and clearly displayed. The final results for excellent departments/teams in this S3 work include:

  • Third prize: Construction room
  • Second prize: Union Army on the 7th floor.
  • First prize: BIM department and Project team Mr. Do Tri Tuan

Following the 5S internal review, on November 29, 5S expert Mr. Tuan had a meeting at Bach Dang office to evaluate and grade the areas that have completed Seiri-Seiton-Seiso and gave praise. praise:
“I realize that Dai Dung office has shown signs of positive change with commendable creative actions. However, there are still 2S ahead, the 5S story not only stops at 6 months but also needs maintenance. maintain a lean habit from lifestyle to working style. I believe you will be able to do it.”

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