The containment system/covering system in the industrial construction of the warehouse is an indispensable basic item for all constructions. In particular, the partition is designed and roofed with a solid structure to promote a good protection role for workers and containers. Check out some of the popular textures and bonding materials with DDC in 2023.

1. What is the separation system

Industrial partition system / industrial partition system (English: curtain wall) is a structure that covers the outside of warehouses, prefabricated houses, warehouses, etc. In which, the partition system is the flat planes. solidly connected by unstructured external materials. It is merely the environment that maintains and protects the people in that building.

2. Link function

Each structural component in industrial warehouse construction has an important function. In particular, the link has the following main functions:

  • The system of partitioning materials stored inside the warehouse/work space against external weather impacts.
  • The system to prevent people inside the management/work space.
  • Separation system to protect assets and people inside the management/building space.
  • The wall system helps the building become a golden-muscle link block, supporting the load-bearing trusses and purlins above the transmission roof.  

3. Some common wall system structures

3.1 Technical construction of wall system

The structure of the wall system from insulating corrugated iron in industrial buildings normally the main frame will be designed vertically and some will have a horizontal brace system to reinforce the force firmly. Accordingly, the roofing material is also based on the wall structure frame for installation. Requirement of wall structure will ensure uniform distribution and load-bearing, because this is the intermediate place to transmit force from the roof to the factory floor.

Technical construction and erection of walls with steel structures requires the following basic criteria:

  • Cleaning the components before installation will help ease construction, and at the same time ensure the longevity of the building, reduce rust, garbage, and grit that can damage the frame and roofing of the wall system.
  • All pits and grooves must be cleaned and lubricated.
  • Inspect and monitor components and materials before and after they are brought to the construction site, ensuring the quantity and compatibility between the components.
  • Bolts, screws and components, roofing sheets must be tightened firmly, thoroughly and synchronously. However, do not use more reinforcement than necessary.


3.2. Structure of DDC . wall system

Wall system DDC steel structure ensures that pre-engineered factory buildings in the fields of industry or heavy industry – energy are always designed, manufactured and constructed according to the requirements of the customer, the investor or the general contractor. international contractors and meet applicable quality system criteria. DDC wall system is always installed to achieve basic functional criteria such as:

  • The ability to shield and protect the project well.
  • High load carrying capacity and bearing capacity.
  • High compatibility between the steel structure frame and the roofing sheet.
  • The ability to accurately connect bolts or welds between column and brace systems.
  • Ensure absolute safe working hours.
  • Commit to doing right or ahead of schedule.
  • Ensure the construction and installation process does not affect the production system of the customer’s business.

DDC wall system steel structure bears many breakthrough marks with large scale, specific techniques and high aesthetics. Steel structure and mechanical engineering field of DDC is currently at the top of the country and is reaching the international level, affirming the Vietnamese brand name in the world market.

3.3 Roofing materials from insulating corrugated iron

Currently, insulating corrugated iron or panels are considered as one of the top selected materials in industrial infrastructure 2023.
The roofing sheets on the market are diverse in terms of models, types and especially improved in terms of aesthetics with a stylish color palette and outstanding features to increase benefits to investors in terms of time. use, prolong the time of repair and replacement.

3.3.1 Advantages of insulating corrugated iron materials

Some of the advantages of current insulating corrugated iron materials to ensure that the building is safe even in harsh weather environments are:

  • The ability to absorb sound, prevent heat radiation from penetrating, should resist heat well and limit fire and explosion.
  • Effective fire protection from advanced paint systems covering the outer surface of the roofing sheet.
  • Energy saving for the project.
  • Capable of preventing and reducing air-borne pollution, ensuring the health of people inside the factory.

3.3.2 Roofing materials from insulating corrugated iron Bluescope

Bluescope is one of the leading brands of roofing and siding systems for industrial and civil buildings. Bluescope is a strategic partner of DDC for many years in the journey of sustainable development.
For roofing materials, the Colorbond corrugated iron product line is highly appreciated for its new generation of advanced technology for popular features that are superior to other popular products on the market. It is Activate technology and 4-layer matrix structure with outstanding self-sealing and anti-rust ability.

Colorbond wall system in industrial infrastructure will bring new life to industrial factory space with a diverse color palette system. The results are independently verified by the French Corrosion Research Institute (FCI), proving that COLORBOND® Sheet has optimal durability, especially increased resistance to corrosion at cutting edges, scratches during construction. build.

The article has brought the basic knowledge about the structure and features of the wall system. But according to the flow of time, the movement of improvements in frame structure and roofing materials, the wall system in industrial infrastructure is not only protection from rain and sun but also impressive breakthrough multi-faceted pieces. Visually, all-weather defiant. It also proves that wisdom is constantly progressing according to the development of society.

Source from MKT DDC