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The steel structure is the main bearing structure for the whole construction applied to the foundation, main frame, sub-frame and cover system.
Dai Dung steel structure is a building material widely used in the field of large-scale industrial and public infrastructure – high technical characteristics and aesthetics because of the useful properties of steel.

steel Frame system


The main frame consists of all structural steel elements that transmit loads to the foundation. The main frame system consists of: columns and rafters made of steel structures capable of withstanding and overcoming large spans.


Subframe: Including roof purlins, wall beams and wall top struts. They have a Z shape and are designed to be smaller than C-shaped steel bars. Z-shaped components will be superimposed to form adjacent components, along the length of the steelworks.



– Roof system is a horizontal structure to protect the space and all assets (including people and materials) inside the project from the impact of weather and the environment. In addition, this texture also helps the house to have an aesthetic part.

– Common materials of roof system: multistage insulation panels with many protection features for foundation materials and buildings.


– The wall system of a construction is a vertical covering structure, in order to protect the space and all assets (including people and materials) inside the construction from the impact of weather and the environment.

– Common materials of the wall system: the wall panels have many different options including roofing strip, panel strip (sandwich strip), steel sheet,…


Flexible, time-saving structure
High durability
Lightweight volume, fast transport and construction.
Easy disassembly, repair and replacement
Reasonable price, cost optimization

High stability and safety
Optimized in terms of design
Diverse applications from industrial to civil infrastructure
High sustainability