DDC & Powerhouse Parramatta Museum Construction


1. About the Powerhouse Parramatta Project

The Parramatta structure has a trellis frame structure that creates a transparent building, creating spaces. The work has a vivid visual connection between the outside and inside the exhibition area. The view of exhibitors is also expanded throughout the floors.

Some internal highlights of the Australian Museum of Ethnology:

  • The external structural framework also maximizes and flexes the museum's seven large exhibition spaces.
  • The large scale of the exhibition has allowed the museum to organize diverse and constantly renewed sightseeing programs.
  • Topics of science, astronomy and technology will be presented to add value to the experience.

2. DDC accompanies the Parramatta project

2.1. The role of DDC

Through months of consistent production to guarantee tight progress. The Powerhouse Parramatta project in Australia has now finished its initial phase. Under the guidance of professionals, the DDC manufacturing team inspects the finished goods for quality.

2.2 According to each project progress Parramatta

Powerhouse Parramatta's first shipment of parts arrived at the building site on November 21, 2022. A shipment weighing 360 tons and measuring 2000 m3 has departed the An Ha facility. A group of DDC engineers watch over each shipment as it is transported to the port and boarded for Australia. The initiative is still being put into action right now.

2.3 Overview of the Parramatta project:

  • Project name : Powerhouse Parramatta
  • Partner : Lendlease
  • Country : Australia

the process of ddc group

Project classification

Public Infrastructure